Car Rentals

Car Rental Prices and information:

 Compact  $29.99 per day Aveo, Focus, Rio, Versa, Cobalt, Fiesta, Sentra
 Midsize  $39.99 per day Pt Cruiser, HHR, Elantra
 Full size $49.99 per day  Impala, Fusion, Camry, G6, Avenger, Malibu
 Small SUV $59.99 per day  Nitro, Xterra, Endeavor, Murano
 Minivan  $59.99 per day Caravan, Town and Country
 Passenger Van $115 per day   15 Passenger Ford Econoline
*** Prices DO NOT include the deposit, liability-only insurance rate, or taxes ***

1. A Valid Georgia Drivers license
2. Current insurance card
3. $100 deposit + the cost of the Rental (listed above)
4. 21 years of age or older

*liability only insurance is accepted at the rate of an additional $20 per day.  This is the cost to cover our car.

*for Compact and Midsize vehicles, we offer 100 free miles to use per day.  For the full size vehicles and vans, we offer 150 free miles to use per day.  Anything over the allotted mileage is $0.35 per mile.  Additional mileage may be purchased up front. 

Call us at 229/432-7474 for more details